Neuromarketing is a controversial new field of marketing which uses medical technologies such as functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) -- not to heal, but to sell products.

We see three big potential problems with neuromarketing: (1) increased incidence of marketing-related diseases; (2) more effective political propaganda; and, (3) more effective promotion of degraded values.

We oppose the use of neuromarketing for corporate or political advertising.

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Commercial Alert Asks Senate Commerce Committee to Investigate Neuromarketing
Gary Ruskin | July 12th, 2004

Commercial Alert Asks Feds to Investigate Neuromarketing Research at Emory University
Gary Ruskin | December 17th, 2003

Commercial Alert Asks Emory University to Halt Neuromarketing Experiments
Gary Ruskin | November 30th, 2003

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Jim Lovel | Atlanta Business Chronicle | December 8th, 2002

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Margo Kelly | CBC Marketplace | December 2nd, 2002

Neuromarketing firm launched by Atlanta ad veteran
Jim Lovel | Atlanta Business Chronicle | June 17th, 2002

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