Media Violence

Our commercial culture is produced by people in corporations who are getting rich by promoting violent products to children. These corporations are governed by incentives that impel them to respect no boundaries in exploiting the vulnerable minds of children.

Their goal is to manipulate children to purchase violent video games and music, to watch violent movies and television, and nevermind the effects on these children, or our culture, or society in general.

Our goal is to stop corporations from luring our children into lives of violence and brutal aggression.

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Commercial Alert Urges Swift Action to Protect Children from Media Companies
Gary Ruskin | September 11th, 2000

Nader Applauds First Lady's Suggestion That Parents Consider Boycotting Sponsors of Violent, Crass TV
Gary Ruskin | August 6th, 1999

Nader Urges FTC to Conduct Thorough Investigation of the Marketing of Violent Entertainment to Children
Gary Ruskin | June 22nd, 1999

Nader Urges Hastert, Lott to Investigate the Commercial Rewards that Feed Media Violence
Gary Ruskin | April 30th, 1999

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Wendy Melillo | Adweek | April 13th, 2007

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Jim Puzzanghera | Los Angeles Times | January 22nd, 2007

Courts Lift Curbs on Kids Buying Violent Games
Christopher Conkey | Wall Street Journal | December 17th, 2005

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Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children: A Review of Self-Regulation And Industry Practices in the Motion Picture, Music Recording & Electronic Game Industries
Federal Trade Commission | September 11, 2000

Longitudinal Relations Between Children's Exposure to TV Violence and Their Aggressive and Violent Behavior in Young Adulthood: 1977-1992
Huesmann et al., Developmental Psych. | March, 2003